The human body, as with any living organism, is a near-infinitely complex device. While this fact is often used as faux-evidence of a designer, I see it as the opposite.

Take a watch or a television or any other man-made device. These items are complex. They have a number of parts working inside of them and each part has its own purpose. The gears inside a watch are designed by man to serve a purpose and to work with each other toward a common, pre-determined goal – to tell the time. Each of these parts was designed using the limited intelligence and resources within the human mind and the natural world respectively.

We are also made up of trillions of simple parts (many of these parts are individual life forms ~ “Within us is a little universe.” – Carl Sagan) working together toward the common goal of keeping the body alive and passing along our genetic information.  But, there is such complexity even in those simple parts that it seems almost wasteful. If life were designed by a being of infinite wisdom, there would be no limit to the intelligence or resources available to him/her – therefore, there would be no reason for a living organism to be so complex.

I am aware that theist readers will see this way of thinking flawed. The argument will be that we only appear complex because of our limited intelligence.  To you, a supreme intelligence would see us – and all of life – as simple. Still, look at things from the point of view of a designer with an infinite canvas. You decide you want to make a creature in your own image…a human being. What would stop you from simply making a being that exists and functions despite its surroundings?  Why does this being need to have a circulatory system? Why does this being need to ingest food? Why is it that this being needs a stomach? Why is it that this being must ingest food that can be broken down by the stomach and intestines and converted into energy? Carry this argument a few questions further and you begin to look at how unnecessarily complex life is.

An argument I hear many times about justification for the existence of a supreme being is that everything works too well together…too perfectly…to have come about by chance.  But, it is this very perfection* that is evidence of the chance that developed it. Oxygen wasn’t put here to help sustain animals with lungs. It occurred naturally…through natural means…and animals evolved to take advantage of it. Everything works together because everything has evolved at the same time to take exploit and take advantage of the resources available. Those resources changed over the millenia…this is part of the balance that makes the world so beautiful.

*I am using the term ‘perfection’ very loosely here. ‘Perfection’ in the natural world is an illusion created by its fantastic symbiosis.