Update: Oh, and then he decided not to do it. ūüôā God apparently changed his mind…


So, there’s this guy in Florida who’s organizing an “International Burn the Quran Day” on September 11th and all I can think about is…WHY?!¬† What purpose does burning this book serve?

CBS News: Burn the Quran Day

I feel like I’m in a glass house casting this stone…after all, I did proudly participate in “Draw Muhammad Day” – in fact, you’ll see my rather saccharine contribution here. It’s a simple pencil sketch on a Post-It note – took me all of 16 seconds.

Is burning the Quran worse than drawing Muhammad? I think so…and here’s why…

Draw Muhammad Day, at least for me,¬†was about pointing out how silly some of the practices of the Muslim faith are.¬† It was a way of saying “Look, I drew Muhammad and I didn’t get struck by lightning.”¬† I admit, I am well aware that the simple act of putting pencil to paper with the intent of drawing Muhammad was offensive to Muslims.¬† I also eat pork products nearly every day which, according to the Quran, is also offensive.

Besides, I am not part of the Muslim faith.  As such, I am not bound by their rules.  Just like I am not obligated to wear a uniform or salute military officers because I am not a member of the military (I was, but not now).

Burning the Quran only serves to agitate people of the Muslim faith. Burning the Quran draws attention to hate for their faith and hate is never the right path toward peace.

Besides, why do this on September 11th? Okay, I know the answer to that one…but hasn’t this date been marred by enough hate?¬† It’s almost like the people who organized this monstrosity of an event want to dwell on the hate and contempt of the attacks. You win a battle by being the better person…and the better person is always the one with less hate towards others.

You probably noticed, I’m not referring to these Quran-burning goons as Christians.¬† I’ve read enough about this event to know that most sensible¬†Christians (oxymoron?) do not support it. I also won’t refer to the organizer, or his church by name¬†– I feel they have gotten enough attention.

“International Burn the Quran Day” is a publicity stunt for maniacs.¬† The sad thing is that it will serve that purpose well.¬† It’s certainly getting attention. I’m writing about it, you’re reading about it and when it happens, you can be certain that¬†TV cameras rolling.¬† When those clips air in Muslim areas of the world – they will be representative of ALL OF US!¬†¬†Just like the actions of the 9/11 terrorists were unfairly representative of all Muslims.

I feel the best way to commemorate those who died in the attacks is to do what they were doing when they died…just living their lives.¬† We aren’t going to forget what happened to them…but spreading hate toward an entire faith because of the actions of a few is at the apex of hypocrisy and the nadir of compassion and tolerance.

I think September 11th should just be “International Go About Your Business Day” – I know I’ll be participating.¬† How about you?